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The name Stone Mountain is fitting for our area of towering granite peaks and breath taking views of the majestic Flathead Lake and River below, however the name Stone Mountain for us represents the English translation for our Norwegian name Stenberg, “sten” meaning stone and “berg” meaning mountain.

Stone Mountain Builders Jerome graduated from the US Army’s School of Engineers in the early 1970’s and has a deep portfolio of accrued knowledge and expertise in building everything from luxury Executive Town homes on the Florida Keys, to the Charlo Montana Schools Multipurpose Building and Gym to high end Executive Homes in the Mitchell Lake Development of Minneapolis to luxury Flathead Lake homes to one of a kind Log Homes throughout the Northern Tier Stat es. SMB received the coveted Reggie Award of Excellence from the Builders Association of the Twin Cities.

The Stenberg Family is proud of its tradition of craftsmanship that separates them from the traditional “paper” contractor. In the over 200 homes or buildings that SMB was commissioned to construct, approximately half were under other General Contractors with SMB subcontracting to frame, do log or timber frame work, roof, side, do the drywall, pour concrete, excavate or do the trim carpentry. This might explain how SMB is somewhat unique in that not only is it very capable and experienced in developing your plans and vision to the final finished Dream Home, but it also has decades of expertise in the skills required to physically build your project and supervise the sub contractors as well.

A number of our homes were completed from start to finish with no outside subs being utilized. A Master Plumber was an employee of Stone Mountain Builders, one of the SMB owners was an Electrician; we have a complete line of excavation equipment and were licensed septic installers not to mention road and basement digging, landscaping ECT.

Stone Mountain Builders Two Stenberg family members are Master Carpenters. Presently we rely heavily on subcontractors and with our depth of building knowledge we feel we can meet the wide range of construction challenges that arise be it redirecting a carpentry crew or dealing with a construction or material issue.

Many home owners have commented how refreshing it is to deal with a builder that can actual build. Our pledge to you is that a Stone Mountain Builders Project Superintendent will maintain a constant presence over all phases of construction and will take a lead role in directing the wide array of reputation subcontractors working on your project. We are not the ordinary”paper contractor”. We take great pride in being a respite from the ordinary.

Please give us the opportunity to present our ideas for making your Dream Home a reality.

Home  | About  | Photo Gallery  | Testimonials  | Contact Us

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