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"It is a pleasure and privilege to recommend Jerome Stenberg and Stone Mountain Builders to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, highly capable general contractor. During the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with Jerome Stenberg on many building projects. As general contractor, he had the full responsibility to construct highly technical building projects. During the course of these projects, he professionally dealt with owners, city and county governmental agencies and engineering firms to bring about successfully constructed building projects.
He has a well documented history of building projects that involved tremendous on the job supervision, very close cost accounting and tight building schedules.
I am pleased to say that he brought these projects in on time and well within budget. Jerome Stenberg’s professional abilities. ethical business practices deserve high marks in the construction industry and I highly recommend


"N.E. is pleased to recommend Jerome Stenberg. owner of Stone Mountain Builders, as an excellent choice for General Contractor for your planned school building project
Jerome has worked as framing subcontractor for our company since january Of ZOOS. In this capacity he has framed roughly 32,000 sq ft. of custom light commercial and residential space for us. Jerome and his team have efficiendy and expertly handled projects ranging from light commercial to high end custom residential. As a General Contractor, Jerome has years of building experience and brings excellent practical knowledge of the complete building process to the site. His team is; highly professional, timely competent, and safety conscious. Jerome has excellent communication skills and stays close contact with all of those Involved In the building process, including owners/clients, and subcontractors. By every standard, we enthusiastically and sincerely recommend Stone Mountain Builders for your consideration."


"When I began my search for the best builder I could find. Stone Mounrain Builders was recommended to me by my Bitterroot Valley Log supplier. Upon making initial contact with Jerome Stenberg I knew I had found the right man for my luxury home project The knowledge base of the Stone Mountain Crew has no equal. They easily handled aU of the many challenges involving the weather and ter rain not to mention the 8,800 sq. ft. of Luxury Home. I only periodically inspected the progress however I was pleasingly impressed when I did. I am very appreciative and impressed with the final product and highly recommend them for your consideration."
Airline CEO


"I would like to let you know how pleased I was with your work. After interviewing several log home builders, I was beginning to lose hope of finding someone who knew more about log work than me-and I knew nothing!
The day we met was the turning point of that search. I knew that you were a take charge kind of guy and that you would live up to the quality effort you promised. I was pleasantly surprised that you exceeded even those high expectations. Your workmanship was superior, you were creative and yet knew how to be practical, and you built my home in a timely fashion with no whining or complaining. We got exactly what we bargained for and more. The home appraised at S2.5 million more than our total cost to build. This is a testimony to your fairness and ability. You may use me as a reference. My best to you. Kathy, and the rest of your family. Thank You"
Dr. Carlisle


"This letter serves as the strongest letter of recommendation possible for the Stenberg’s. They recently built, from beginning to completion, our approximately 4400 square foot log home through Rocky Mountain Log Homes. Our home is located in the Brainerd Lakes area in Central Minnesota. This is a recreational/resort area where quality and appearance are imponant. My wife and I entertain frequently and a beautiful home is essential to us.
The Stenberg’s did a top notch job for us. They worked hard to maintain all time deadlines that we imposed without any complaints. They were creative in their approach to our dream home and treated the project as though It was their own home. They were pleasant and cheerful to work with. They were able to improvise as we altered some specifications. The Stenberg’s are true craftsmen and their workmanship is second to none. I only have positive things to say about the Stenberg’s and this is a solid recommendation for them. You can rely on them to get your job done without hassles. I rarely give referrals and this one I truly feel good about gMng. You may call me at any time if you have any questions about the quality and reliability of the Stenberg’s."
Brian Nystrom


"This letter recommends Stone Mountain Builders and specifically Jerome Stenberg (Owner and Builder). Actually. Jerome was recommended to me so I will pass on the recommendation and add some of my thoughts and experiences. Our horne project entailed not only home building but raw land access issues such as bridge building. road building. electric power installation. and well construction prior to the full fledged home building. The home is a custom home designed especially for us inducting the levels of living space, fir interior, rustic siding. wood windows, 2.5 baths, 24 foot high ledge stone fireplace, decks around, etc., and with all the detail and whim that we could think. Our home is finished and we are well into the "warranty" stage at this time.
I would like to say that we are extremely pleased with Jerome and his Crew on all counts. Jerome was sensitive to the overall idea and feeling we had in mind for the home. The ideas he added were important to the final home actually working out for us. His experience in building was invaluable when it came to making the rooms really be just right for us. His workmanship is consistently very good and achieved just what we wanted. The project schedule was not ridged in our case, but when we needed something done by a certain date …. It was.
As far as the budget and other related issues. I can simply say that we stayed right on target and that Stone Mountain was accurate and fair in all invoicing areas. The few minor problems or things we needed changed were dealt with fast and all within the original budget. I highly recommend Stone Mountain Builders for your next home project."
James C. Freeling


"We are presently In the process of building a log home with the Stenberg’s of Stone Mountain Builders. we couldn’t be happier with the process and the product.
During our first meetings with the Stenberg’s they listened carefully to what we hoped for and offered constructive suggestions based on a wealth of experience. They presented a cheerful, enthusiastic, "can do" approach to the project. That attitude has remained a constant The Stenberg’s offer a true custom built product. As they’Ve worked along. making our home a reality, they have carefully incorporated our dreams in their high quality work. They offer a wide range of options as we make decisions based on our budget They know the value of a dollar, but are aware of the huge range of choices available to today’s home owner. They have involved us in all aspects of building. are prompt In answering phone calls, and patient in explaining what we. as first time builders, are learning. Each time we walk through the home we are thrilled with it We are confident it will be structurally sound and esthetically beautiful.
Stone Mountain Builders is a true family enterprise. They are hard-working. highly professional folks and a pleasure to work with. Their rates are reasonable and well documented. We recommend them without reservation knowing anyone who deals with Stone Mountain Builders will enjoy the process and are totally pleased with the finished product."
Roy & Jane Snyder


"The purpose of this letter is to serve as a recommendation to prospective home buyers and builders considering doing business with Jerome Stenberg and his affiliated business.
A Family Tradition of Craftsmanship! I couldn’t have said it any better! As a dealer for Golden Eagle Log Homes, I became acquainted with j erome and his crew when they used our logs to build an upscale. lake home. When the home was complete, they had turned a job into a personalized work of art that any homeowner would be pleased with. Their years of experience in quality home construction became evident when no design problem was too large or too small. Working personally with the owner, their solid creativity turned dreams never even considered Into realities both on the interior and exterior.
Know, without a doubt, that when you employ Stone Mountain Builders to construct your home. you can set aside ANY concerns you have about the quality of work and the work ethic the family maintains. Their passion for what they do is what separates excellence from mediocriryr
Mary C. Best


"As the community liaison officer for the Villas at Mitchell Lake, I have had the opportunity to observe the multiple of homes being constructed by Stone Mountain Builders.
They are conscientious in their work ethic and their craftsmanship skills have proven them to be of high value in their line of work. I believe the opportunity to consider them for any construction project would be a wise decision. Please feel free to contact me if you would l ike any further i nformation. I would be happy to share details of the projects that they have completed for our development."
John Peterson


"This letter is to serve as a strongest as possible letter of recommendation for Stone Mountain Builders. My wife and I contracted with a reputable builder to build our Montana Dream Home near Polson, MT. We wanted to experience the building process as much as possible so we made arrangements to be at the home for much of the process. We were introduced to the Stone Mountain Builders crew It the very beginning as they were to be the framers. It soon became very apparent that Jerome Stenberg and his sons j arrod and Joseph were much more than framers. Our actual contractor tuned out to be more of a paper contractor and was absent for much of the project. Stone Mountain Builders framed, roofed, and did the timber work and deck but also became the on site superintendant for the project. Jerome was the go to person for the other subs and was instrumental in the projects ultimate success. He managed much of the building process and we are so thankful that he was present for us. I strongly recommend Jerome Stenberg and Stone Mountain Builders for your building project. They are Awesome".


"Dear Jerome & Stone Mountain Crew On October 26 you were honored by the Builder’s Association ofTwin Cities with The Reggie Award or Excellence for your Fall Parade home located at 8986 Deer Run Drive, Victoria, MN this is truly an honor. We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your participation and your commitment to excellence.
"I have been involved in the Construction Trades for the past 43 y ears. I have experienced many different types of construction and projects during this time. I have worked with many good and bad craftsmen, and contractors. I’ve done work as a Carpenter, Block Layer Apprentice Carpenters Instructor, Estimator, Project Superintendent. Construction Building Inspector, Soils Compaction Specialist. and Construction Manager. I feel with this experience I am able to be a pretty good judge of a person’s knowledge and abilities as a craftsman in the Building Trades. Without hesitation I am able to recommend Stone Mountain Builders. Jerome and Crew are without question some of the best builders I have had the pleasure of working around. Their knowledge of the trades. materials technology, craftsmanship, honesty. integrity and ability to get along with others is unmatched. Stone Mountain Builders will treat their dients fairly and honestly they will not try to nickel and dime a project to death. They are always straight up front with quotes and changes that may come around in a project. In my experience with them, they have been more than fair when it comes to change orders. It has been a pleasure and joy working with such good men. In a scale of 1 to 1 0, I would give them an 11 . I would highly recommend them:
Construction Manager Charlo School Multipurpose Building

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